About “Al Quds Maktabati” Project

“Al Quds Maktabati” is one of Khazaaen’s projects, where it aims to advance the Jerusalemite society and maintain its resilience and identity, and that is the reinforcement of the reading culture and the advancement of our Jerusalemite Public Libraries. In addition to preparing these libraries to fulfil, their role of providing a space that is both inviting and rich with knowledge for their readers and visitors. Consequently, Khazaeen believes that knowledge is the cornerstone of cultural ascent; whereas the library is considered to be the keeper of such knowledge.

“Al Quds Maktabati” covers three sections:

  • Monitoring and providing libraries with their needs in an effort to create a more reader-friendly environment for the libraries’ visitors, where Khazaeen’s team completed a field survey of the public libraries in Jerusalem for understanding their needs in order to work with their staff on fulfilling those needs. That is whether these needs were on the technical level: indexing programs, printers, computers … etc, or on a logistical level: an entrance for people with disabilities, provide hearing or visual aids … etc.
  • Integrating the libraries with their society, community, and surroundings in Jerusalem and that is specifically through local schools. Such step comes as an attempt to allow schools to fulfil (and emphasize) their natural role as the cultural incubator of the their communities, where they work on shaping and polishing the students identities and characters; where such process could occur through promoting the love of reading in their students hearts and minds through making them ask more questions and want to explore more, and hence bring them closer to the world of books. Khazaeen’s team worked on preparing an educational curriculum that aims to enhance the love of reading in students through different activities and a guidance booklet for both the students and the teachers. Thousands of these curricula were distributed to a dozen Palestinian schools in Jerusalem, in addition to following through with a research course with more than 100 high school students over the course of 6 months; where by the end of the course the students were able to conduct and deliver well-done researches.
  • Khazaeen’s team worked on building an electronic website “Al Quds Maktabati” where it connects different databases and libraries in one coherent forum, and the reader or explorer of the website could enjoy a detailed tour of the public libraries in Jerusalem; their addresses, locations, and history … etc. In addition to having the ability to look books up through the website; where you could find the book you’re looking for and figure out in which library it is now available out of all the libraries


Khazaeen identifies itself as a cognitive project that aims to establish a base to rise and ascent in knowledge, where such aim won’t materialize without the collective effort and cooperation of all the academic and cultural institutions and bodies in the field. Accordingly, we also aim - in the near future - to present an initiative that works on developing the Arabic content through activating a cooperation mechanism between archives, research centers, and universities where all of these institutions would contribute in elevating the level of the Arabic rhetoric and scientific research.