Al-budeiri Library

Sheikh Mohamed Ibn Budeir Al Budeiri, also famous as Ibn al-Hubaysh, established the library in 1180 AH, and since it is a family business of the sort; it is managed and supervised by the family of Sheikh Budeiri and his descendants. It is located on the ground floor of Al Budeiri residence which is at the entrance of Bab an-Nazir, also known nowadays as Bab al-Majlis in Jerusalem’s Old City. The section that is now the library was endowed by the Sheikh himself; by making it part of Al Waqf property, he made this space as a sanctuary to preserve his books, sciences, and accomplishments. The library also includes a collection of precious and rare historical manuscripts; some are even ornamented with gold water, and they were collected throughout the Sheikh’s life, and later enriched by his descendants. It is worth mentioning that the most anciently retrieved manuscript goes back to 562 AH /1167 AD. Furthermore, the library includes several printed books (lithographs) in many languages such as Arabic, Ottoman and Persian; where the bulk of these printed material dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, the library’s administration seeks to develop and supply it with many more books concerning Jerusalem and Palestine in general.

No 6, ground floor, Bab Al Majlis, Old City, Jerusalem
Working Hours: 
Upon planned coordination with the administration
Phone Number(s): 
The administration's telephone number: 02-6281694 or Mrs. Shayma Al Budeiri, the librarian, telephone number: 0546485169