Dar Issaf Nashashibi Library

Muhammad Issaf Ibn Othman Al Nashashibi (1885-1948) built his own palace in Sheikh Jarrah in 1922, where he lived until his death in 1948. In later years, the palace was used as the headquarters of the French Consulate, and as the German Archaeological Institute in 1964. That was until Ms. Hind Al Husseini bought it in 1982. Then the property became part of Dar Al Tifl Al Arabi Organization, and in 1986 the scholar Ishaq al-Husseini sought to establish an Islamic Research Center in it, which has produced several intellectual and cultural heritage researches, in addition to it containing a valuable library on the top floor. Today, Issaf Al Nashashibi’s Library has thousands of valuable books and resources; where not only

does it have a collection of Nashashibi’s books himself, but it also contains other valuable collections of many Arab cultural figures (e.g. Fawzi Youssef, Aref al-Aref and other intellectuals), as well as a collection of valuable manuscripts and extraordinary books.

شارع إسعاف النشاشيبي ، الشيخ جراح القدس
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4 Issaf Nashashibi Street, Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.
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