The Khalidiyah Library

Hajj Raghib al-Khalidi (1866-1952) established the Khalidiyah Library as public property “Waqf” in 1899, through the vast sum bequeathed to him by his grandmother Khadija al-Khalidi; daughter of Musa Effendi al-Khalidi, who was “Qazi Askar Anatolia” in 1832. The library is located near Bab al-Silsila in the Old City of Jerusalem. Nowadays, the library contains 1209 manuscripts, which contain approximately 2000 book titles of different topics including, but not limited to, science, the Islamic jurisprudence Fiqh, interpretation, astronomy and geography. Some of these manuscripts were elegantly calligraphed in colored ink, illustrated with patterns and geometric motifs.

129 Bab al-Silsila St., Old City, Jerusalem
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Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 10:00-15:00.
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